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Vision and Values

Co-op Academy Clarice Cliff strives to give the best possible start to education for all of its pupils.

Our children deserve the highest quality education and to develop an understanding of the world that gives them the greatest chance to lead happy and successful lives.

Our curriculum is ambitious and focuses on what the children and community need. Our Academy is focused on removing barriers to our children to ensure they achieve. Clarice Cliff will make a positive difference to its community, becoming central to raising aspirations and forming supportive connections with a range of agencies.


Do what matters most

What matters most is ensuring that our students achieve the best possible outcomes.

We make a positive difference to our children through showing exemplary professional behaviours.


Be yourself, always

We bring our best self to work, so that we each contribute a bit of our own unique Co-op difference, and respect others for doing the same.

We understand that we are all unique and bring our own strengths to work.


Show you care

We care about our Co-op, our colleagues, our members, our students, their parents and communities, now and for the future.

Our focus remains on doing our best for our children.


Succeed together

Co-operating is what makes us different; we’re better and stronger when we work together.

We recognise that what we achieve is achieved together.