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Parents | Family Support

Early Help

Our B-Safe team is here to help pupils and their families.  If you need support with any of the following areas then please contact a member of the team:

  • If you are worried about your child’s health and wellbeing 
  • If you are worried about your child’s behaviour
  • If you are struggling to cope 
  • If you are worried about your family finances 
  • If your child is struggling to cope with bereavement 
  • If your child refuses to go to school (poor attendance) 
  • If you are having difficulties with family relationships 
  • If you are experiencing difficulties at home, such as domestic abuse, parental substance abuse or parental mental health problems
  • If you are worried about homelessness

Once you have contacted the B-Safe team, we will arrange to meet with you and identify the following:

  • what you would like to achieve with the additional support
  • what type of support would suit you best, including the best agencies
  • agree the next steps and who will complete them by when
  • agree when you have achieved what you wanted and our support is no longer needed.  This will be in an agreed period of time.

This is called an Early Help plan which is there to support families so that worries and concerns do not escalate further.

On occasions, the level of support required may not be best achieved by school.  In these cases, we would discuss with you making a referral for a Family Support Worker who would lead the Early Help.  However, a member of the B-Safe team would still continue to work with you as part of the Early Help.


Our Sparkles well-being sessions are a great way to help mums build resilience and maintain balance in their life.

The 6 weekly sessions, which are run on a Thursday afternoon, are a safe space for you to discuss how things are going in your life – things you are happy with or things you may wish to change. They also allow you to connect with other mums in a similar situation to yourself. We do this over a cup of tea or coffee and through activities that allow you to explore who you are and ways in which you can make yourself a priority. If you are interested in joining this small and supportive group, to find out more about looking after your own well-being, then please do not hesitate to contact Miss McDonald or Miss Hudson, the course facilitators, for more information.


Family Wellbeing Sessions

Our fun Family Learning workshops are designed to encourage our children and their parents/carers to spend quality one to one time together solving problems and being creative. The workshops are interactive and educational and aimed at helping families develop new skills and interests. Stoke Family Learning Team, City Catering, trained nurses in CPR, Stoke Speaks Out and our own staff are just some of the professionals who have helped us to deliver these quality workshops. 

For several of our parents/carers, a family learning program has been the first important step to taking up further adult learning and training opportunities, gaining a job, or developing new skills. For our children, the sense of pride in what they have achieved alongside their parents/carers has a positive impact on their individual attainment and learning journey. To book a place on any of our family learning workshops, please look out for updates on Class Dojo and contact Miss McDonald via the school office on or telephone the school number on 01782 881480.


Links you may find useful

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Safeguarding Children Board (Information on Safeguarding and how to report any concerns)

CDAS (Drug and Alcohol Service)

Action for Children (Protection and Support of Children and Young People)

CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services)

Foodbank (Combating poverty and hunger in Stoke-on-Trent)

HUBB Foundation (Supporting vulnerable families and communities in creating happy, healthy school holidays)

Citizens Advice (Free confidential advice)

Homeless Link (Working with and helping the homeless)