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Our attendance target is 96%!

Children who attend 100% are 5 times more likely to work at, or above, the expected standard.

Children who have 90% attendance during there time at school will miss an entire year of learning.

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If your child is ill or won’t be able to attend school

All absences must be reported on the first day of absence through the school telephone system to the Home School Link Worker. You will be asked for a reason for the absence and an estimation of how long the absence is likely to before. If your child’s attendance is being monitored by the attendance team then you may be required to provide medical evidence. If the absence is going to be longer than three days, you will be asked for medical evidence. The school does not authorise term-time holidays unless there are exceptional circumstances.

How we monitor attendance

The attendance team monitors pupil absence regularly and meet with the Education Welfare Officer (Andy Brian) every half term. The expectation is for all pupils’ attendance to be above 95%. Every term, parents will be sent a colour-coded letter to indicate the zone of attendance for their child:

  • Green – 95%+
  • Amber – 90%+
  • Red – below 90%.

Where a child’s absence is around or below 90% then the attendance team will liaise with the Education Welfare Officer (EWO). Parents may be invited in to an attendance clinic with the EWO to identify how improvements in attendance can be made. If little improvements are not made then the EWO will begin the process of warnings, visits and possibly fines.

We want children to be in school and learning all of the time!

Our lessons are really fun and we know that children love learning! We also offer a range of rewards and incentives to encourage good attendance. These include:

  • Termly 100% attendance assemblies. Every pupil with 100% receives a certificate, sticker and entry into a prize draw to win a £20 Argos / Smyths toys voucher.
  • Weekly certificates in Celebration Assembly for the classes with the highest attendance.
  • The winning class has Benjamin / Bethany Bear for the week to take on class adventures.
  • Half-termly “Know your attendance” weeks.
  • Weekly entry into a Golden Star Lotto for 100% attendance staying Green in the behaviour system.
  • Half-termly attendance cup through the weekly attendance premier league.

Click here for our Attendance Policy

If you have any questions

Call us or pop in and speak to our attendance officer